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  • Allen Shaw Fragrances Pop-Up


    Next Date:
    Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Allen Shaw Fragrances is popping up in West Elm @ Lab 1270 from 11am-3pm on 2/18 + 2/19!

“Allen Shaw Fragrances was really built from the need to create something different. If I set out to recreate a fragrance that already exists with the thousands of other perfumers on the shelf, then I might as well give up. The fragrance I create should be meaningful and are created with passion. I would love my fragrances to ignite a passion in anyone who wears something from our collection. With the way that the fragrances are composed, each one will have it’s own personality as soon as it’s sprayed. Hopefully our scents can make life more meaningful, passionate, and beautiful.”

–Allen Shaw

Stop by + check out his website here.