LA COSECHA | Union Market LA COSECHA – Union Market

mercado. arte. cultura.

Open 6 Days A Week!

Tues – Thurs + Sun 11am – 8pm |  | Fri – Sat 11am – 10pm | Closed Mondays | Check with select partners for early options

La Cosecha is a contemporary market celebrating Latin American culture and conversation by telling the stories that unite the Americas: love of family, community and life; pride in values; credence in hard work; and celebration through food and art. At La Cosecha, a place designed for community, we discover seasonal experiences in music, film, culinary learning and creative tourism all grounded in the cultures it serves with a philanthropic mission to foster business education throughout Latin America. Our unique and rich experiences are curated in partnership with Latin American embassies and cultural tastemakers. The harvest, la cosecha, is the natural time of joyfully reaping what has been cultivated by a dynamic community. Celebremos.


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