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An audio experience at the intersection of culture and commerce. From its roots as Centre Market born over 200 years ago, Union Market District continues to be a great unifier for DC – a textural, true gathering place that serves as a melting pot of old world heritage and new world opportunity.

We invite you to join our international platform in celebration of culture, food, art, music and everything that makes Washington DC so unique. After all, it’s the people that make the place – where DC native neighbors and transplants, chefs, musicians, artists and creatives come to find and create a community they can call their own.

Tune in and be inspired by the discovery of culture, local experiences and philanthropy with local, regional and international creators. This is a network as diverse and culture-forward as DC. Here you can experience all that Union Market District has to offer.

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Welcome to Union Market District Radio powered by Caandor Labs, an audio experience at the intersection of culture and commerce. Food has the tremendous potential to bring us as humans together. Join us as we explore the practice of radical empathy through food with Kerry Brodie, Founder and Executive Director of Emma’s Torch.

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