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As We Are is a bi-weekly open art-making group with a therapeutic intention that gives BIPOC individuals an opportunity to be a community while engaging in art therapy interventions in a therapeutically held safe space. Hosted by Pre-licensed Art Therapist Imani Shanklin Roberts, this open group will be an opportunity to establish a deeper sense of awareness, build inner and group harmony, and ultimately move toward individual and collective healing. Using a variety of mediums, participants will utilize creative pathways to externalize, transgress, and transmute issues related to stress, isolation, fear, anxiety, safety, love, and so much more within communion with others. Register now!

About the space: The Chela Mitchell Gallery, which truly embodies their mission to be rooted in community cultivation, the richness of culture, and the amplification of unique voices in fine art and design in their support of this group.

AS WE ARE meets bi-weekly for 9 sessions, ending May 27. As We Are will serve a max of 20 people each session in this open group format. This group allows participants to move through art therapy interventions with a Pre-licensed art therapist without the financial commitment of formal therapy costs. This group invites BIPOC individuals an opportunity to be vulnerable and create a healing container within an intentional affinity space.