The Seasons Mural Collection

Miss Chelove
Headline image for The Seasons Mural Collection

The Seasons Mural Collection by MISS CHELOVE, a D.C.-based art director, muralist, designer, and illustrator, is located at Carr Properties’ latest office development, Signal House.

The collection consists of four separate soffit (or ceiling) murals located in the two-story tall outdoor terraces on the Southeast and Northwest corners of Signal House. Combined, the four soffits contain 392 individual, hand-painted 2’ X 4’ aluminum panels, totaling 2,410 square feet.

The Seasons Mural Collection, visible from street level and at a distance, celebrates the inspirational beauty, endurance, and healing power of nature through the lens of the seasons. The collection is comprised of four designs, representing each season:

  • Spring: “Pollinator’s Promise” located on the SE corner, floor 5
  • Summer: “Held” located on the SE corner, floor 9
  • Autumn: “Sacral Fruit” located on the NW corner, floor 7
  • Winter: “Seeds in the Snow” located on the NW corner, floor 3

Each composition tells this story through botanicals, insects and animals, set with a bold color palette, enlarged patterns, simple shapes, and graffiti typography. The metallics used in this production create varied reflections based on fluctuating light from day to night. Soft up-lighting and cove lighting complement and accent the murals in the evenings.

With anxiety and depression reaching an all-time high, as uncertainty, unemployment, and isolation grip our society amid the coronavirus pandemic, mother nature is here to remind us through her cycles of renewal and regeneration that we too have the power to persevere. Public art is an effective tool for sparking daily micro-charges of positivity, inspiration, and hope.

For this collection of murals, MISS CHELOVE aims to punctuate the skyline of a rapidly changing Union Market district with an organic, natural counterpoint that reminds us not only of the importance of respecting, supporting, and preserving nature in our world, but that we are always truly held and supported, if we allow it.

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