Cecilia Lueza | Argentina
Headline image for Summit

From all the marvels nature has to offer, artist Cecilia Lueza finds birds to be some of the most striking and intensely symbolic creatures. Their beauty and freedom inspire in many ways; synonymous with flight, they are a powerful symbol of humanity’s hopes and dreams.

Argentine American artist Cecilia Lueza is well-known for creating vibrant public art across the United States and beyond. Throughout her career, she has intensely explored a wide range of artistic media including painting, sculpture and monumental outdoor installations. She is committed to creating visually engaging public art that enhances our environment, transforms the landscape, engages the viewer and defines a sense of place and identity.

Summit was commissioned by Axios and Noticias Telemundo in honor of the inaugural Axios Latino Visionarios event at La Cosecha during Hispanic Heritage Month 2022.