Deaf AAPI Experience

Yiqiao Wang | Washington, DC
Headline image for Deaf AAPI Experience

Yiqiao Wang’s artwork celebrates the multicultural spirit of American Sign Language (ASL). On the right wall, the sign “ASIA” is expressed by an Asian-American woman, and shown on the left wall are the signs “EQUALITY” and “INCLUSION.” This mural represents the pride of all deaf people of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Its bright and bold colors symbolize the vibrancy of AAPI culture, and the mural also incorporates symbols of Washington, DC, to represent the Deaf community’s experience rooted in America’s democratic values. The Capitol Dome and its Statue of Freedom recall a message of equality and inclusion, echoing the Deaf AAPI community’s experiences and their journey to be understood. This mural helps raise awareness about the Deaf AAPI community and their contributions to society.

Originally from Beijing, China, Yiqiao Wang is a senior artist and a creative designer at Gallaudet University’s The Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning in Washington, DC. She holds an MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and she takes a variety of approaches in exploring her illustrative visions, using both hand drawing and digital work. Her creative principles are based on a theme of vivid color. She has also created several prominent mural designs, including the Loon Mural in downtown Minneapolis, and the Vibrant mural in the Signing Starbucks store at 625 H Street NE.

This mural is presented in partnership with Gallaudet University, Gables Union Market and Convo Relay.