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DATES: 12/3-6, 12/10-13

Born and raised on the coast of South Carolina, sisters Taylor and Carson Lunceford have a strong appreciation for the southern waters and the beauty that flows through them—especially when it comes to the Atlantic oyster. The saltwater shells have made their way from the back creeks off Sullivan’s Island to the sisters’ signature line of jewelry, Talley Collections.

A craftsmanship inspired from years of fishing with their father (Talley’s namesake), Talley began in 2011 when the two, young entrepreneurs realized their handmade pieces were more than just a pastime. Their original designs bring in natural elements and aim to mirror the aesthetic of the South, featuring materials from faded driftwood to vibrant sea glass. For their new Sullivan Oyster Necklace line, each individual shell is handpicked and taken back to their studio in Mount Pleasant where it is then crafted into its own, unique style. While some shells are plated entirely with gold, others are edged with a delicate gold trim. The designs not only showcase the natural beauty of an oyster but also bring to life the soft blues and greens found throughout the tidal marshes.

Growing up on the water and learning from their father, the sisters adopted somewhat of a catch-and-release business philosophy, giving back each year to the Coastal Conservation Association and the Center for Birds of Prey. At Talley Collections, the sisters hope to convey to their customers the same appreciation they have for southern craftsmanship and coastal waterways.


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