St. Anselm | Union Market St. Anselm – Union Market

Beautiful Foods, Simply Grilled + Funky Wines

The soul of St. Anselm, by restaurateurs Joe Carroll and Stephen Starr, is its simply prepared and expertly grilled ingredients, paired with esoteric wines in a quirky laid-back vibe. St. Anselm showcases unconventional butcher cuts {New York Magazine named St. Anselm Brooklyn’s the “Best Steak in New York”}, and specialties from the grill, such as clams with chartreuse butter, whole fish, and beautiful produce.

Celebrated chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley leads a culinary program in which almost all ingredients touch St. Anselm’s grill on their journey from kitchen to plate. A beverage program which encourages exploration features craft beer + cider, creative takes on classic cocktails and a 500+ label program of esoteric wines including experimental producers, funky varietals, and natural wines.


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