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Date: 12/17-20

about PLAGUEspace:
PLAGUEspace is deeply rooted in telling stories of process, concept, and artisanal creation to better the understanding of the community and educate through the medium of Fashion and Art. Our core belief is that process should be valued, shared, and learned. We curate series of FLOATING GALLERIES™, an experiential luxury concept which operates like an Art gallery, and functions like a Retail Store. The gallery takes the customer on a journey of why and how a product was created through captivating storytelling in forms of experiential and multi-medium installations of tangible products that are for sale.

The Founders:
Doyel Joshi, Corinna La and Ester Shenkman are a dynamic designer and artist trio from India, Canada, and Russia whom have formulated the ultimate retail and gallery viewing fantasy.

PLAGUEspace @ LAB1270 installation elevates mindful consumption through analogies of the most immediate and intimate forms of design, products, and things we interact with everyday, to create a provoking statement of the insight and value of stories and artistry of design. @ LAB1270, PLAGUEspace hopes to engage spectators, to educate, and to think of the way in which we can contribute to designing a better future.


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