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Designed in New Orleans, handmade for you

KREWE’s first Tiny House was designed as an exact replica of the iconic shotgun home—a symbol of New Orleans’ architecture and Afro-Caribbean lineage—in partnership with Preservation Tiny House Company. The house made its debut at SXSW 2017 in Austin, TX. From Surface to Domino Magazine, KREWE’s iconic Tiny House has been featured as a retail innovation, taking the brand’s cult sunglasses directly to its customers. After overwhelming success with the Tiny House’s first tour, founder and creative director Stirling Barrett was ready to test out KREWE’s latest endeavor.

“We love hearing that retail is dying,” says Barrett, who introduced KREWE to festival goers in 2013 via bicycle cart. “It makes us work harder to create unique buying experiences.”

KREWE partnered with Preservation Tiny House Company for a second time to create a fresh take on the brand’s iconic Tiny House shopping experience. The frame is modeled after the traditional shotgun homes for which New Orleans is known and is constructed with the same materials, but a peek at the modern butterfly roof is indication that this house is anything but traditional. The matte black exterior is a stark contrast to KREWE’s first Tiny House and features a wraparound glass skylight.

“The Tiny House movement encourages the idea of living simply and through experiences that enrich our quality of life,” says Barrett. “KREWE has interpreted this into a non-traditional mobile retail experience, and we’re excited to reach our customers in a new way, wherever they may be.”

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