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    Open Today: 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm

Hen House Presents DUALITY: An Art Exhibit Featuring Womxn

Hen House is an art collective founded by three women with the goal of giving opportunities to marginalized and underrepresented individuals in the art world. They produce events and art exhibitions featuring women, trans* and non-binary artists, creating an immersive experience to highlight the artists’ work and engage viewers by avoiding the sterility of the traditional gallery space.
Hen House celebrates Women’s History Month with DUALITY, an exploration of the pluralistic nature of concepts related to femininity, race, class and spirituality through visual art. In DUALITY, women, trans* and non-binary artists examine these ideas with the hope of shedding light on the challenges present at the crossroads of who we are and who we are perceived to be.
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Participating Artists:

Alexandra Adrian

Aphra Adkins

Artise Fletcher

Beth Hansen

Callie Cummings

Cortney Mohring

Cory Bernat

Dany Green

Gianna Gaudry

Jordan Labbe

Kimchi Juice

Kathrine Campagna

Makeda Smith

melani b (all lowercase specifically)

Molly Freilich

Nicole Ziesing

Pierrette Montone

Red Swan

Rose Jaffe

Sarah Renzi Sanders

Serli Lala

Stephanie Stapleton

Symphony Johnson

Tiffany Evans

Trap Bob

Veronica Melendez


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