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CulturalDC presents Time Capsule by Baltimore-based duo Wickerham & Lomax, the first pop-up experience as part of their Mobile Arts Program ’19-’20 Season, Ex(Change). Free to the public, the exhibit examines the effect of digitization on the mind, body and soul.

Known for their provocative multimedia work, Wickerham and Lomax’s Time Capsule examines the impact of digitization on identity in three parts:

  • Spootique, a pop-up exhibit at Union Market concentrating on corporeal change and its intersection with new media.
  • Souf Care & Souf Defense, a published poetry collection that examines what it means to be loved, sensitive and curious in the digital age.
  • BLOOP, an online ‘high-end lifestyle platform’ hosting versions of the full project.

RSVP for the Opening Reception | November 22nd, 7-9pm |  Free and open to the public.

About Wickerham & Lomax

Wickerham & Lomax is the collaborative name of Baltimore-based artists Daniel Wickerham (b. Columbus, Ohio, 1986) and Malcolm Lomax (b. Abbeville, South Carolina, 1986). Their practice is based on the accelerated exchange of frivolous information, gossip, and codified language that crystallizes into accessible forms in hopes of giving dignity to that exchange. Formerly known as DUOX, the artists have been working together since 2009 across diverse media, curatorial platforms, and institutional contexts, creating a body of work at once context-specific and broadly engaged with networked virtualities. They continue to develop a digital narrative franchise entitled BOY’Dega, which considers dissolving hierarchies between, author, character, actor, and fan. Wickerham & Lomax are particularly invested in questions of identity and the body, exploring the impact of digital technologies and social spaces on the formation of subjectivities and speculative corporealities. They have describe their practice as being full of “fanboy hissy fits.”

About CulturalDC

CulturalDC sees the arts as a driving force in building sustainable communities across Washington, DC. They provide a wide range of programs and services that support artists’ ability to live and work in the city, as well as give audiences access to affordable and accessible cutting-edge visual and performing art from artists living and working today.

The Mobile Arts Program breaks down the barriers to art often found in traditional presenting venues. They offer the ideal space for nationally and regionally prominent artists to engage with audiences in new, exciting ways. The Mobile Arts offers an artistic dialogue on national, local and grassroots levels. Alongside opportunities for workshops, lectures and community engagement, The Mobile Arts demonstrate the ability of innovative, provoking art to cut across cultural, social and economic boundaries. By offering residents of the nation’s capital direct access to unique creative experiences, CulturalDC is determined to keep high-quality art where it belongs—at the center of community.

Showtimes for Tuesday Jan 21, 2020


11:45 am12:40 pm02:30 pm03:30 pm04:15 pm07:00 pm11:45 am12:40 pm02:30 pm03:30 pm04:15 pm07:00 pm


11:15 am01:45 pm05:15 pm06:30 pm07:40 pm11:15 am01:45 pm05:15 pm06:30 pm07:40 pm

Showtimes for Wednesday Jan 22, 2020


11:15 am12:00 pm04:00 pm07:00 pm11:15 am12:00 pm04:00 pm07:00 pm


01:50 pm04:15 pm05:15 pm06:45 pm07:45 pm01:50 pm04:15 pm05:15 pm06:45 pm07:45 pm

Showtimes for Thursday Jan 23, 2020


11:45 am12:40 pm02:30 pm04:15 pm07:00 pm11:45 am12:40 pm02:30 pm04:15 pm07:00 pm


11:15 am01:45 pm04:00 pm05:15 pm07:40 pm11:15 am01:45 pm04:00 pm05:15 pm07:40 pm


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