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Founder Tanya Maynigo-Loucks has been drinking and brewing kombucha for over a decade, starting off as a kombucha addict then an enthusiastic home-brewer. When she accidentally made fifteen gallons of kombucha one day in 2013 in her new neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, she turned to her friends and neighbors that she had met through walks and playtime with her dog, Guinness, to help drink her extra supply. This supportive community not only encouraged, but helped her -and Guinness- to launch their own brand of kombucha.

And so, Craft Kombucha was born. Keeping true to her roots, Tanya started a micro-brewery in the back kitchen of Mount Pleasant’s historic Heller’s Bakery. Inspired by her love for craft beer and the craft brewing industry, her goal was to create a brand with a similar vibe. The result was a seasonal, creative, refreshing and healthy kombucha made with a blend of high-antioxidant green teas. Craft Kombucha’s signature line of flavors is The Hops Series, following the influence of our favorite craft breweries. Our extensive lineup of seasonal flavors mean that there is a flavor of Craft Kombucha for everyone out there, not just craft beer enthusiasts. Stop by during one of our tap hours to see which flavor is for you!


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