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  • Gift Guide – The Perfect Gifts for Him

Spiff Up That Bar Cart

Cotton & Reed Allspice Dram and PX Dark Rum ($35-40)

Come get that rum. Make the holidays a little easier with two of Cotton & Reed’s most seasonably appropriate bottles, Allspice Dram and PX Dark Rum. Cotton & Reed’s take on the traditional Jamaican liqueur reinforces allspice’s warmth with molasses for a richer experience. A half ounce at a time, Allspice Dram will enrich a wide variety of cocktails with a bit of sugar, a whole lot of spice and nearly everything nice. PX Dark is boldly mature. After all, 18+ months in new American oak will add some intensity. PX’s dense dark fruit tangos with grassy molasses atop a firm and spicy oak structure that keeps sweetness in check. A touch of cane syrup ties a grassy, lightly sweet bow on the whole package. Like a fruit cake, just way better.

Cotton & Reed
1330 5th St NE

Deep Cuts

7” Town Cutler Olneya Chef Knife ($195)

If you want to be a great chef, you need the right tools. Trade in the sad, dull knife that still struggles to cut tomatoes for the Town Cutler Olneya Chef Knife from District Cutlery. This “workhorse” knife is a must-have, designed to perform well at any kitchen task. District Cutlery’s chef knives are center-weighted and balance thinness and precision with durability and strength. Plus, they will sharpen and straighten it for you before it ships (or leaves the counter).

District Cutlery
1309 5th St NE

Bao Down

Tote Bag ($15) T-shirt ($15) Gift Card (price varies)

Combining Korean and American flavors with the original Taiwanese “gua bao,” Bun’d Up puts a modern twist on a beloved classic while honoring the history behind it. Each day, founder Scott Chung and his team make pillowy bao buns stuffed with Korean beef BBQ, braised pork belly, spicy or sweet soy Korean fried chicken and crispy shrimp. Show your Bun’d Up love and grab the foodie in your life some merch and a gift card. Just make sure they save a bun for you.

Bun’d Up
1309 5th St NE

Let’s Get Physical

The Fundamental T-shirt ($58) City Sweat Pullover Hoodie ($118) City Sweat Jogger ($118)

Let’s face it, we’ve all been slacking on our workout regimen. Get back in the game with the lululemon Align™ collection, powered by Nulu™ fabric. It’s so weightless and buttery soft, all you’ll feel is your practice. Wick away moisture, not style with the men’s Align™ collection: City Sweat Pullover Hoodie City Sweat Jogger and Fundamental T-shirt.

1256 4th St NE

For all the cool kids

Records & Rum

For the eternal groupie and your friend who’s missed concerts the most, give the gift of rum and records. We suggest two of Cotton & Reed’s most seasonably appropriate bottles, Allspice Dram and PX Dark Rum paired with a best-in-class Crosley turntable from Byrdland Records. You might be grooving in your living room, but you’ll do it in style.

Byrdland Records
1264 5th St NE

Cotton & Reed
1330 5th St NE

Some Like it Hot

Peruvian Brothers Hot Sauce Starter Pack ($10)

Gift the spicy flavors powering DC’s Best Food Truck. The Peruvian Brothers Hot Sauce Starter Pack features two of the most popular sauces: Rocoto Hot Sauce + Smoky, Sweet & Spicy, made with peppers sourced directly from the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains of Perú! Every bottle of Peruvian Brothers Hot Sauce is capped with a beautiful handwoven Chullo from women artisans in Perú. A portion of sales from each bottle supports female entrepreneurs in the region.

Peruvian Brothers
1280 4th St NE

Turn up the Heat

Salsa Picante ($9)

The newest taste at La Cosecha is fancy fast casual Taqueria Las Gemelas, complete with tacos, quesadillas and tlayudas built on blue heirloom corn tortillas made daily. Can’t get enough? Take the taste of coastal Mexico home with Las Gemelas’ mercado line of pantry stapes like moles, salsas and tortillas. Say, ¡Feliz Navidad! with house-made Salsa Picante made from chile habenero and garlic, it’s a crowd pleaser with just enough heat.

Las Gemelas
1280 4th St NE

Get Into the Holiday Spirits

Perfect Manhattan & Rocks Glasses

Unlock Mad Men vibes even when you’re working from home. Achieve the perfect Manhattan with a no-brainer kit from Vitis Fine Wines including: a 750ml bottle of 4 Year Aged Cardinal Spirits Bourbon, a half bottle of Classic Dolin Sweet Vermouth and Barrel-Aged Citrus Bitters from Dashfire. A cocktail is nothing without the perfect glassware, so pair your freshly made bevvy with these Midcentury etched rocks glasses from Salt & Sundry.

Vitis Fine Wines | Salt & Sundry
1309 5th St NE
@vitiswines | @saltandsundry