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  • St. Plant Therapy Booth

    Next Date: Sat, May 15
    Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Bring your dreams, anxieties, goals and concerns to St. Plant founder Amira El-Gawly at the St. Plant bodega-turned-clinic at theTwelve. Every Saturday from 3-5pm, Amira welcomes you to drop in with your dreams or your drama. She’ll prescribe the perfect plant or plant care for you!

WHEN // Saturdays from 3-5PM

WHERE // theTwelve | 1262 5th Street NE

St. Plant is on a mission to inspire neighbors and friends to cultivate deeper, more personal relationships with nature. Through curation and provision, experience and encouragement, we aim to bless the District to more confidently and curiously embrace our natural environment.

Nature is, by design, the richest environment for self-discovery, compassion and wellbeing—a gift that blesses every one of our senses, that heals our eyes, our hands, our spirits. We hope to offer a comforting retreat and a restorative experience in all that we do.

Come on in to shop our curated collection of live plants, thoughtfully designed planters and all the tools you may need to nurture your plant family.

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