Salsa Refresher Workshop & Practice Social (Level 2) - Union Market District
  • Salsa Refresher Workshop & Practice Social (Level 2)


    Date: Tue, Sep 19
    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

As we end our current 6-week series offerings, we’ll be offering two refresher Salsa workshops in September for those who would like to continue to work on their Salsa basics and timing. These are drop-in classes with practice time to help you keep working on your fundamentals until the next 6 week series starts up again in October!

This refresher workshop is intended for students who have taken the Essentials/Level 2 class or those aiming to move forward from Foundations Level 1. We will drill several of the basics and footwork learned in the Essentials/Level 2 6-week series and practice the concepts of partner work. This is great for students who may have missed a class, those who want extra practice in September before the next series in October, or those who want more guidance on which level is right for them. Class will end with a 1-hour practice social where students can practice their moves to music and ask instructors for feedback.

Date & Time

Tue, Sep 19th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm



La Cosecha |1280 4th Street NE, Washington DC 20002 / Upstairs in the balcony (Balcón)



$25 online


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