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  • Number 1 Sons’ Christmas Toast to Sustainability & Spicy


    Date: Fri, Nov 23 - Sun, Dec 23
    Time: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Grain bowls + hot sauce = the perfect lunch combo. Come try one of 3 types of grain bowls featuring winter greens, herbs and Number 1 Sons pickles. While you’re there, be sure to grab a Chili Bear hot sauce gift set (perfect stocking stuffers) and check out their cooler of fermented treats to take home.

DATES // Nov. 23rd – Dec. 23rd

HOURS // Mon – Sun: 10am – 8pm

number1sons.com | @number1sons | thefarmatsunnyside.com | nextstepproduce.com

Number 1 Sons is working with 2 beyond- organic farms, Next Stop Produce (Newburg, MD) and The Farm at Sunnyside (Washington, VA) to supply make their Kimchi, Pickles and Krauts. They are collaborating with these farms to feature what they believe are exceptionally flavorful and nutritious grain bowls and hot sauces.
Next Step Produce grows grains, rice and beans that are used in 3 grain bowls featuring winter greens, herbs and Number 1 Sons’ pickles. Grain bowls have pearl millet, rye, buckwheat, sahbhagi rice and black turtle beans. They are especially proud to feature the Sahbhagi rice. It’s a new type of rice that does not have to be grown using destructive flooding practices. They are overnight soaking the grains in pickle brine for flavor and nutrition. Bowls feature beet pickled eggs, Amish feta and Number 1 Son’s black soy tempe.

They were inspired to make Chili Bear hot sauces by the incredibly broad chili selection from The Farm at Sunnyside. They fermented chilis for each bear with local beer and one gin. 6 varieties this year using beer/gin/chilis from; Atlas Brewery, DC Brau, Green Hat, Pen Druid, Right Proper, The Farm at Sunnyside, Pleitez Produce and Rainbow Hill Farm. Chili bears are offered in 3 gift sets featuring a poster from artist Mike Van Hall.

They also have a cooler stocked with our made in Ivy City kimchis, pickles and krauts and kombucha. although you will not find cucumber pickles right now as they are not in season – try their crispy daikon radish sticks until cucumber season in the spring.



  • Heinz, the farmer/owner, of Next Step produce imported a tiny Japanese combine to harvest his grain and rice crops. It’s a quarter of the size of typical combine.
  • Casey and Stacey, farmers at Sunnyside, found a love of chilis during their Peace Corps time in SE Asia. The Number 1 Sons crew did a work study week with “Tenessee Jim” to learn how to make wine/salt brined fermented hot sauce.