Argentine Empanada Cooking Class - Union Market District
  • Argentine Empanada Cooking Class


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    Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Join us for an evening in Argentina, where you will learn to make the flaky meets juicy pastry pocket we all know and love: The Empanada. These flavorful patties made of dough are traditionally filled with meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables or fruit, and have a variety of adaptions based on the country you enjoy them in. It is however believed that early Spanish immigrants carried the recipe to Argentina during the 16th century, and in this class you will have the pleasure of learning directly from an Argentine Chef what makes this dish unique in his beloved country.

In this fun and hands-on class, you will be guided step-by-step in preparing your own Empanadas from scratch with authentic Argentine-style fillings. You will learn to make the dough to then fill with the Chef’s recipe featuring ground beef and spices, as well as a spinach and cheese vegetarian option. Next, the Chef will demonstrate how to fill your empanada disks before folding and sealing the edges off to be baked to a flaky, golden perfection.

The best part of the class will be sitting down to enjoy your delicious made from scratch meal, with new-found skills to remake this special dish and share with friends and family back home! We can’t wait to welcome you at the Galería in La Cosecha for an unforgettable night of Latin American cooking.

No experience is required! We provide all the equipment and ingredients, which are easy to find at local markets if you don’t already have them in your home kitchen. Our events are casual and meant to be fun and instructive, not hardcore. This class is designed to be just as fun for the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step as it is for the first-timer who’s happier observing and assisting.

You will be seated with your booking party. Guests in the same booking party will work together throughout the class by sharing ingredients and equipment. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, wearing your mask. Guests are invited to purchase drinks from the vendors at La Cosecha.

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