Unión en Baltimore

César Sánchez-Morazzani | Lima, Perú | Washington, DC
Headline image for Unión en Baltimore

This painting by César Sánchez-Morazzani, aka CESAMO, was commissioned by the Embassy of Peru in Washington, DC. On March 2, 2024, the Peruvian naval ship BAP Unión docked for the first time in Baltimore, MD. It was welcomed with joy by the Peruvian community of the Mid-Atlantic, despite the rainy weather. During the three days the 379-foot ship was docked, CESAMO captured its spirit and mission to connect the past with the present, the lands and the people through the joy of culture. In one word: Unity. The BAP Unión is the largest and fastest sailing vessel of Latin America. The original painting is on view inside the vessel, which is currently serving as a sailing ambassador of Peru.