Suite B

Clarence James

In his artwork, Clarence James breaks free from traditional rules through an abstract, figurative, street-art style that challenges the conventional paradigm. His paintings are vibrant, multi-layered, compositions featuring distorted portraiture and semiotic tropes that challenge the conventional paradigm. He invites viewers to explore their own interpretations within the intricate textures, colors and shapes he creates incorporating various mediums.

The self-taught artist earned his BBA in Marketing from Howard University in 2014 and began painting and producing artwork, submitting work to art shows, and spent the past 10 years creating and refining an aesthetic and building a following. He has enjoyed shows in New York City, Miami, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, and his work has been sought after and acquired by private and public collections around the world. Follow Clarence on Instagram at @clarencejamesart.

Headline image for Suite B

Exhibit A is an art experience by artist Clarence James, featuring abstract, sculptural and immersive artwork. James is known for his raw edge and unique energy, and how he translates that into vibrant works on canvases that are colorful, emotional and inspirational. His work developed out of utility; as a self-healing therapeutic practice and a survival measure. As an entrepreneur fresh out of university, building a brand and trying to find his own way, at times, James’ work would be the only difference between life and death—literally and figuratively.

This exhibition will delve into paradigms we all experience as humans on earth with conceptual artwork, and address some of our society’s challenges. James positions his work as a path to solutions and provides a prompt for introspection and contemplation in ways that inspire the consciousness and cooperation that is needed to make our world a better place.

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